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Rachel Chavkin, the only woman to helm a wow classic gold new Broadway musical this season, won the Tony for best director of a musical for "Hadestown." She became only the tenth woman to win as director of either a play or a musical on Broadway and told the crowd she was sorry to be such a rarity.

OTTAWA Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer is vowing that as prime minister he would scrap the clean fuel standard, one of the Liberals major environmental policies that to date has received little attention.In a letter sent to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday, Scheer referred to the clean fuel standard as a fuel tax, claiming it will further increase the cost of gasoline on top of the existing federal carbon an unprecedented tax that will apply to all fuel sources, including the fuel used for manufacturing and home heating, which will make Canadian businesses less competitive and gas more expensive, Scheer wrote.The letter follows the publication of new details about the clean fuel standard in a proposed regulatory approach released by the government on June 28.

I know this is old, but basically, I leveled from 110 to 119 in bgs, no questing. Once I got to 119, THEN I started questing in the new content. All the gear rewards are tuned to your level, so mostly 275+ pieces. They also have a chance to warforge. I got really lucky on my wep, it forged to 300, and REALLY lucky on my trinkets (which seem the hardest to get at a higher ilvl) they forged to 298.

101MbAbstractThe development of accurate predictions of the response of the Antarctic Ice Sheet to future climatic change is a key challenge facing the scientific community. Ice sheet models are typically evaluated with recourse to how well they can reproduce past ice sheet behaviour, which is constrained by geological data. However, subglacial topography, an important boundary condition in numerical ice sheet models, may have evolved significantly through time due to processes such as tectonics and erosion.

However, regardless of their decisions to take a course and stay on it, leave it or not take the course at all, students' motivation over time tended to stay relatively stable. Where motivation did change over time, it was encouraging to note that intrinsic motivation improved and anxiety reduced regardless of the decision taken.

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